News: Transform that incandescent into a Xmas ornament

Transform that incandescent into a Xmas ornament

Our favorite (clever, scantily clad, and South American) HowTo vixen GiannyL has yet another use for burnt out old light bulbs. Christmas tree ornaments! Eco-friendly, yet elegant, Gianny's latest craft trick makes a tired and boring tree pop!

So much skin in the dead of winter. Imagine that.

Oh yeah...back to the ornament. Know that compact fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than old incandescent bulbs.

Turn lightbulbs into Christmas ornaments with Gianny L

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Clever and recycled. To speed it up, spray contact cement on the glass and dip the bulb into a bowl of glitter.

i think its kind of dumb

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