How To: Make a Cute Lemon Bear for Valentine's Day

Make a Cute Lemon Bear for Valentine's Day

If you're one of those people that would rather make a Valentine's Day gifts than buy them, then this fun little project is right for you. Impress your special someone with this homemade bear. All you really need is a large lemon or orange.

There's not much instructions to make this project because the results will vary, but use the example in the image to guide you, and watch the video below.

  1. Choose the right lemon.
  2. Draw the outline of a bear on it. Note that the snout of the bear will be the top part of the lemon where the stem went.
  3. Use a blade to carve out the center, which is mainly the belly part of the bear.
  4. Remove the lemon from inside till you're left with the lemon peel/skin.
  5. Decorate it to your liking; add details to make it look more like a bear. Using a marker will help.
  6. Attach a peper clip on the back which will be used as a mini stand.

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