Friday Fresh: Recreate the Lady Gaga Meat Dress & More

Recreate the Lady Gaga Meat Dress & More

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Halloween is still just around the corner, and if you want to be a stand-out, we've got just the tutorials for you. If you want to turn heads, try out these awesomely original ideas.

Show off how much you love your iPod.

Be one of those Apple iPod silhouettes! It's a fun commercial, and the best part is, that you can spend all night rocking to the music you love. 

Be a scary Care Bear!

It may be adorable, but you have to admit...there's something slightly off about this Care Bear. Could it be the inhumanly long lashes, or the pink fuzz, or the heart-shaped nose? 

Recreate the Lady Gaga meat dress

People couldn't stop talking about this Lady Gaga's real meat dress for days when she wore it to this year's VMA. No doubt, a lot of girls will be trying to recreate this look, but you've got to do it with style, and this tutorial will show you how. 

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