How To: Make a Thanksgiving cornucopia

Make a Thanksgiving cornucopia

Latin for "horn of plenty," a cornucopia makes a colorful centerpiece for holiday meals.
You Will Need
* A large tray or cookie sheet
* Assorted leaves (real or fabric)
* A 2-foot-long wicker cornucopia (available at most craft stores)
* 3 eight-ounce bags of raffia or straw
* Gourds, crabapples, Indian corn, mini pumpkins, pomegranates, artichokes
* Walnuts
* Cranberries
* And ribbon for a bow
* Mums (optional)

Step 1: Place large tray or cookie sheet
Place a large tray or cookie sheet on a table.

Step 2: Scatter leaves & set cornucopia
Scatter colorful autumn leaves, real or fabric, over the tray, and set the cornucopia on top of the foliage.

Step 3: Line w/ straw or raffia
Line the bottom of the cornucopia with straw or raffia.

Step 4: Place large fruits & veggies
Place the larger fruits and veggies inside the cornucopia first to serve as a foundation for the smaller ones.

Produce with shiny, waxy skin—gourds, pomegranates, miniature pumpkins, artichokes, crabapples, and Indian corn—will stay fresh longest.

Step 5: Fill w/ smaller fruits & veggies
Continue filling the cornucopia with the smaller fruits and veggies. Let some spill onto out onto the tray.

Step 6: Sprinkle walnuts & cranberries
Sprinkle walnuts and cranberries over the arrangement, allowing them to fall into the nooks and crannies.

Step 7: Tuck in leftover leaves
Tuck in any leftover leaves.

Fresh mums can be inserted on Thanksgiving; they will last all day.

Step 8: Tie big bow at base
Tie a big bow at the base.

Fact: The modern ice-cream cone was unveiled in 1904 at the World's Fair in St. Louis, where it was called "the World's Fair Cornucopia."

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