How To: Make rustic themed gift basket

Make rustic themed gift basket

This video shows you how to make a rustic gift basket. For this project, you will need the following: an oval metal pail, crinkle paper, chocolate bars, cutting board, cookies, dried fruit, crackers, almonds, smoked salmon, cheese, caramel corn, grapes, a standard cello bag, sharp scissors, ribbon, and a knife. First, you will need to set your base with crinkle paper. You can use any shredded paper: e.g. newspaper or specialty papers from a craft store. You will need to build your basket from the back to the front. Put the larger items in the back. A large box of chocolate and a tiny cutting board will fill out the back. Place smaller items in the front. Place the basket in the middle of the bottom of the cello bag. Pull the bag up over the bag. Slide the scissors across the bag to remove the excess. Tie with a ribbon.

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