How To: Make Mexican sugar skulls using a mold

Make Mexican sugar skulls using a mold

Michelina shows how to make Mexican Skulls with Sugar. You'll need a plastic skull mold, sugar, Meringue Powder, water, paste or powder food coloring, and powdered sugar. Add ingredients which would be 3 teaspoons meringur powder and r teaspoons water. Step Two: Mix ingredients. using your hands, make sure ingredients are well blended. Step Three: Fill your molds. Step Four: You'll need to wipe off the excess sugar. Make sure the top is smooth. Step Five: Flip your skulls over on a cut out paper plate. Let the skulls sit for twelve hours. Now you're ready to make frosting. Step Six: Add 2lbs of powdered sugar, 1/2 cup of meringue powder, and 1/2 cup water. Mix on a low level for nine minutes. Step Seven: Hollow out the skulls. Scrape gently inside the front and back pieces of the mold. Step Eight: Glue the skulls together. Put some of the frosting mixture on the edge of the back piece. Let it sit for five minutes to harden the frosting. Step Nine: Color the frosting. Add paste or powder food coloring. For this project don't use liquid and mix the frosting. Put them in a plastic bag and make sure you cut a small hole in the corner. Step Ten: Decorate! And thats an easy way to make skulls from sugar!

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