How To: make a homemade snow globe

make a homemade snow globe

A snow globe with Elvis. If you don't dig Elvis, choose your own campy figurine. Very groovy.

I will admit. I am slowly trying to get in touch with my feminine side. Amie is helping me. Like when I chose 'how to give a massage' as clip of the day on Valentine's day.

Today too. Don't want the world to think my editorial choices are exclusionary and male biased. 100,000 videos and counting. We happen to believe our tutorials appeal to every demographic under the solar system.

In truth, I love to be steamrolled over by any concept in any of the 437 sub-categories. I will confess. I lean towards gadgets and snarky tricks. But I am trying to expand my horizons. Ouch.

Make a homemade snow globe

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This is genius! I love planet hoth stormtroopers.

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