How To: Make a homemade giftbasket

Make a homemade giftbasket

Learn how to make your homemade gift basket exciting by creating plumes with Debra Paulk. This method for adding spice to your gift basket is simple, cheap, and makes your gift basket look professionally made. These baskets are great for birthdays, a loved one, someone in the hospital, or any special occasion. Debra starts by rolling out several feet of cellophane, and folding the cellophane into a square, then folding the square in to a triangle. She then cuts the crease in the triangle, creating many more individual triangles. She begins to gather the cellophane triangles directly on top of one another. For the right effect, she begins crimping the ends of the triangle. This is how the plume effect is reached. Gather more and more triangles at the base of your plume, then tie it off with a twisty tie or something that will hold the base of your plume together. Now you have added an exciting element to your gift basket that everyone can enjoy.

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