How To: Make a handcrafted snowman ornament

Make a handcrafted snowman ornament

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make your own hand-crafted snowman. You will need two Styrofoam balls, tooth picks, a white sock, plaid fabric, orange pipe cleaner, black fabric paint, pins, hot glue or tacky glue, twigs, buttons, red baby socks, and any other decorations you want. Place a tooth pick to connect the two balls. Insert the balls into the sock and cut the excess. Next, pin the sock to the balls. Cut the scarf from the plaid fabric and wrap around the snowman. Now, cut the fringe on the scarf of the snowman. Glue the ends down so they won't unfasten. Now, fasten a hat from the baby sock. Pin it in place on top of the head. Now, take a piece of orange pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Place it in the snowman's face for the nose. Use black fabric paint to draw the face on. Poke the holes in the sides of the snowman to insert the twigs for the arms. Make sure to place glue inside before inserting the twigs. Lastly, you can place the buttons and other decorations on the snowman to complete the project. Viewing this video will show you just how easy it is to create a snowman ornament.

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