How To: Make Halloween tombstones

Make Halloween tombstones

In this video you learn how to make tombstones for yard decorations for Halloween. You will need two pieces of plywood. In this video the measurements for the wood are 14 by 24 but this can be altered. Also used are, two spikes that resemble the posts in a small picket fence. Using small nails, hammer the two spikes into you board on each side with about 6 inches in between. These will be what you use to stick the tombstone in your lawn. Using another piece of wood with the thickness of the spikes and the length of the tombstone on the bottom, nail this in on the bottom edge. Then you add your second 14 by 24 plywood on the top so you have two smooth sides for your tombstone. Use hot glue and thin slats of wood to make edges to your tombstone so it looks solid all around. Now that the structure is done, you can fly with your own ideas for decorating. In this video foam, hot glue, fake flowers, wood letters and some stone spray paint are used in this demonstration. You can copy this idea or just use it for inspiration. Be creative!

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