How To: Make a fog machine with a household iron

Make a fog machine with a household iron

Liven up your parties by making your own fog machine, using items that you can find around the house.
You Will Need
* An iron
* Two aluminum roasting pans, about 5 inches deep or deeper
* Scissors
* Aluminum foil
* A hot-glue gun
* 7 lbs. pebbles or gravel
* A 20-oz. plastic bottle
* A needle
* A marker
* A computer case fan
* A 12-volt battery
* Tape
* Fog juice
* A 17-by-12-inch cookie sheet (optional)
* A stapler (optional)

WARNING: Do not use the fog machine outdoors.

Step 1: Prepare the iron

Step 2: Stabilize the iron

Step 3: Make the drip mechanism

Step 4: Attach the bottle

Step 5: Attach the fan

Step 6: Attach the battery

Step 7: Combine the pans

Step 8: Attach the pans

Step 9: Test out making fog

Step 10: Use it at a party

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