How To: Make a wee leprechaun craft project

Make a wee leprechaun craft project

Family Fun Video demonstrates how to make a leprechaun craft project. To make the leprechaun, you'll need a small paintbrush, a ruler, green craft foam, green paint, pink paint and a skin tone acrylic paint, a black permanent marker, tacky glue, a toilet paper glue, a decorative button and four brown pipe cleaners. Trace a circle onto craft foam with the toilet paper tube and make a larger circle for the hat brim. Cut them out and set them aside. Paint the tube green and then add face, hands, rosy cheeks and a nose. Paint brown hair on the back of the tube. Use a marker to draw on face and clothing details. Coil the pipe cleaners and attach them to the tube as hair and a beard. Create feet out of the other pipe cleaner and glue it onto the tube. Glue a strip of foam around the tube for arms. Then, glue the hat and brim onto the tube. Finally, glue a decorative button to the hat brim to complete the leprechaun project.

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