HowTo: Top 10 Avatar Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Avatar Halloween Costumes

Below, 10 step-by-step instructional videos for transforming yourself into a Na'vi being this Halloween. Step 1: Choose your favorite Avatar look from the list below. Step 2: Apply your chosen look. Step 3: For the dedicated fans with (more than a little) time on their hands, learn the Na'vi language and your transformation is complete!

1. Flawless Neytiri Avatar Makeup

One of the most popular Na'vi makeup tutorials on YouTube, Promise demonstrates how to turn yourself into Avatar's leading hot babe, Neytiri.

2. Utterly Dedicated, Complete Na'vi Transformation

Quite possibly Avatar's biggest fan, Jennisse opens her tutorial by actually speaking the Na'vi language. Jennisse's tutorial is perhaps the most thorough, and definitely the most devoted (really, check out her use of green screen!). 

3. Dark and Moody Avatar Inspired Makeup

For a less realistic, more moody Avatar inspired look, try KlairedelysArt's darkly stunning, sparkly makeup tutorial.

4. Subtle Avatar Beauty Look

If you're looking for something even subtler, try WonderHowTo favorite Michelle Phan's Avatar inspired eye makeup.

5. Avatar Landscape Inspired Makeup

Bethany is a WonderHowTo favorite, known for for her cartoony-pop looks, such as Hello Kitty, Wolverine, and My Little Pony. Below, Bethany's Avatar look is drawn from the exotic scenery. For more specific instructions pertaining to the eye makeup portion of the tutorial, click on the second video in the gallery below.

6. Avatar Makeup With Prosthetics

Also by Bethany, this creative Na'vi look uses prosthetics! Below, Bethany demonstrates how to make Na'vi ears and apply the makeup. For the making of the prosthetic nose, there are three additional tutorial videos by Bethany's collaborator, joannadelilah, in the gallery below.

(2) How To Make a Fake Nose Using Putty, (3) How To Make a Nose Using Liquid Latex, (4) How To Apply a Latex Prosthetic Nose

7. Sparkly Avatar Makeup

Petrilude (aka Josh) is King of internet beauty HowTo, as his top grade video below demonstrates. Take some tips from the master with this perfectly executed, sparkly Avatar look.

8. Full Na'vi Look

helloglamour21 demonstrates a full Na'vi look, complete with ears and nose (although the link for the ears and nose appears to be currently down).

9. Airbrush Avatar Makeup

Makeup pro Kandeejohnson demonstrates how to apply Na'vi makeup using an airbrush, ensuring your look will last, smudge-free, throughout a long night of Halloween partying.

10. Avatar Glow-in-the-Dark Makeup

TheAwesomeFamily3's Avatar tutorial is perhaps the least in-depth, but it is cheap and quick, and best of all, uses glow-in-the dark makeup!

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