How To: Gift wrap presents

Gift wrap presents

In this video from FusionNW, Paige Walker from The Container Store gives us some gift wrapping tips. A lot of people have trouble wrapping presents with wrapping paper. Here we learn how to make it simple, with your gift-wrapped presents looking like they were professionally wrapped. Remember: A gift that's wrapped in a very special way is just as special as the gift itself! One thing that's important is that you measure the wrapping paper right, and this is demonstrated for us. You'll want to cut the paper so that the seam of our wrap ends exactly on the crease of the box. Another good tip is to use double-stick tape, with the goal of concealing completely the tape. This gives it a nice, crisp look. On the corners, we are shown another neat trick with double-stick tape to make it easy and perfect. Also, it's important to use a flat surface to wrap on. Finally, we're given tips on the bow and also shown how to make one by hand. Come to The Container Store if you'd like to learn how to wrap a gift in person.

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