How To: Dye and marble Easter eggs

Dye and marble Easter eggs

During Easter, everybody stocks up on the eggs because dying eggs is a great Easter activity. But there's something else you can try… dying and marbling. Watch this video recipe to learn how to dye and marble Easter eggs. A new twist to Easter eggs.

Yvette Taylor demonstrates in true Queen of the Pantry style how to dye a basic egg. From there, she shows a more advanced technique for rolling the egg in a concentrated mixture of dye and olive oil to create a beautifully marbled shell. Watch Yvette's Blown Eggs (Eggshells) video to learn a clever technique that enables you to keep your decorated eggs forever!


* hard-boiled eggs or blown eggs (hollowed out shells - watch Yvette's "Blown Eggs (Eggshells)" video here on how2heroes

For Dyeing

* warm water
* 1 tsp white vinegar with 10-20 drops food coloring

For Marbling

* warm water
* 1 tsp white vinegar with 30-60 drops food coloring
* 1 tbsp olive oil to add to each marbling color

Special Equipment

* food dye or egg dye tablets
* sturdy skewers
* shallow pan, pie plate or baking dish
* tongs
* offset spatula


Dye the Eggs

1. Add vinegar to warm water
2. Add 10-20 drops of food coloring
3. Insert egg and let sit for a minimum of 5 minutes
4. Remove and let dry on a paper towel

Marble the Eggs

1. Add vinegar to warm water
2. Add 30-60 drops of food coloring
3. Add 1 tbsp olive oil
4. Pour mixture into a shallow pan and roll egg until desired shade of marbling
5. Let dry. If you want a darker color or to add an additional color, wipe the olive oil, prepare warm water and vinegar mix and add a different color
6. If using the hollowed out blown eggs, your decorated eggs will last forever!

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