How To: Craft a duct tape Halloween bag

Craft a duct tape Halloween bag

You've had pumpkin bags and you've had ghost bags, now you can have a Halloween colored duct tape bag to collect candy in this year. This bag is fun to use and just as much fun to make. Plus, by adding some reflective tape your bag will help keep you safe.

Make a candy-corn-colored trick-or-treat sack that looks as yummy on the outside as the candy on the inside.

You Will Need

   * Paper grocery bag
   * Scissors
   * Yellow, orange, and white duct tape
   * Reflective duct tape

Step 1: Prepare bag

Cut down the entire length of one of the vertical folds of the paper bag. Then cut out the bottom of the bag and lay it flat, horizontally on a table.

Step 2: Seal edge

Seal one of the short sides of the bag by taping along the length with any color duct tape.

Step 3: Cover with tape

Cover the top third of the bag completely with yellow duct tape. Cover the middle section with orange duct tape and the bottom third with white tape.

Step 4: Roll

Roll the bag into a cone shape, tape side out. Tape the seam inside the bag completely. Then seal the outside seam, matching each section with the same color tape. Trim the excess from the top.

The looser the roll, the larger the bag.

Step 5: Seal bottom

Cut small slits into the bottom of the bag, fold them over onto each other, and tape them down to seal the bottom of the bag with white tape on the inside and outside.

Step 6: Attach a handle

Tape two long pieces of tape together, sticky side to sticky side, to create a handle Tape the ends of the handle to the inside of either side of the bag.

Step 7: Add reflective tape

Add a few strips of reflective tape on the handle and on the sides of the bag for safety.

According to the National Confectioners Association, chocolate is the most popular Halloween treat, making up more than half of all trick-or-treat bags.

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