How To: Arrange a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day

Arrange a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day

Making a rose arrangement is not difficult, but there is some skill to it. In this video tutorial from Fresh Flower Ideas, learn the tips and tricks of creating an arrangement with a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day. In this tutorial, a dozen red Freedom roses are used, but you can use whatever grade and type you want. You will also need sprigs of babies breath, leather leaf, and tree fern. To begin, clean off the stems and the rest of each rose. Add once piece of leather at an angle in the vase. Then, add another opposite this original piece. Continue adding the leather to create a base for your roses. Three layers should be sufficient. Place the tallest rose in the center and then add five shorter roses surrounding that. Cut the remaining six roses so they are slightly shorter than the five you just cut and place those evenly around the arrangement. Once this is done, add three pieces of tree fern equally around the arrangement. Then, add babies breath throughout the arrangement. Save some money by learning how to create your own rose arrangement by following the steps in this tutorial.

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