How To: Forget Flowers—Give Your Sweetheart a Bouquet of Mini Alcohol Bottles on Valentine's Day

Forget Flowers—Give Your Sweetheart a Bouquet of Mini Alcohol Bottles on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day full of clichés. Roses, chocolates, and a nice dinner are always at the top of the list, and while there's nothing wrong with any of those things, how...boring. These traditions may be great for florists and the greeting card industry, but for those who want to break the mold, it takes some creative thinking.

This year, if you want to do something a little different, here's an idea that's functional and versatile enough that it works for both men and women—instead of flowers, make a bouquet of tiny bottles of alcohol.

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Now that's a gift they'll actually use!

All you need to make one is some sort of basket or bucket, some floral foam, thin wooden dowels, a hot glue gun, and, of course, the booze.

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Start by putting a chunk of foam into the bottom of your container. You can find it at almost any florist or craft store (or substitute Styrofoam if you want). Depending on how deep your container is, you may want to use some sort of filler to cover up the foam.

Then, just cut the dowels to different lengths, glue on the bottles, and stick them in the foam. You can also add some other items, like favorite candies or, if you're also giving your significant other a larger gift like jewelry or a gadget, you could even hide it in the bouquet and avoid having to wrap it.

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These would also make a great 21st birthday gift. Of course, if the object of your affection isn't big on alcohol, you could substitute just about anything for the bottles.

Got any ideas for how to make these any better? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to upload a photo if you make one of your own!

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I have made a few myself .. GREAT idea

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